Saturday, 29 May 2010


After a major computer crash that nearly wiped out the contents of my hard drive and much procrastinating, I have finally updated my blog. Its been a while since I found time to do anything graphically, and with a pinch of hope I will try to update a little more often. Here is a draft I put together for some Seinfeld wallpaper I have been working on. I want to put together a high-res wide screen version for myself. Seinfeld fitted the time perfectly and was a fab show, sorely missed.

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Thank You!

I have been hugely busy over the past week; that notwithstanding, I have also had a bout of flu that has slowed me even further. As such, I have been somewhat distant, but I’m feeling better and now have some time, so should be able to start posting regularly again.
I read every comment that is posted, and I enjoy reading them knowing that you took the time and effort to post them. Whilst I do not necessarily respond to every comment individually, I do where possible, try to make the time to write even a small reply. Having read your comments I want to offer a thank you. A thank you to everyone who has popped by and read what I have written. Thanks to everyone who has 'followed', and to those who regularly visit and take a moment to consider what I have done. Thank you for your thought and for your contribution. The time you give, no matter how small, is appreciated.

The Great One

Eddie Izzard has described himself as crazy. For the most part, I can understand how he would arrive at such a conclusion. He is known for his surreal comedy and acting roles, he is not known for feats of endurance that would make mere mortals cry. He has embarked on the challenge of running over 1000 miles in seven weeks. His efforts will reward Sport Relief, a UK branch of comic relief which raises money to help vulnerable people living in the UK and across the world. I put this pic together as homage to the great one.
Read his tweets:

Tuesday, 4 August 2009


I drew this vector simply because I loved the character. The original vector was drawn from scratch and over 3000 pixels wide. In retrospect, I didn't spend long enough on some of the detail and it was a tad too chunky.

White Noise

This was a speed picture, produced at rapid pace within the quickest possible time whilst encapsulating as much detail as possible. I try to challenge myself by producing images in set time frames and seeing what I can achieve. The premise of this picture was silence. To a certain degree, I have always found the notion of silence, loneliness and isolation intriguing. The infertility of loneliness when coupled with silence houses the potential to be as potent as any noise. Though it has been noted that silence can preserve a man’s integrity and can prove itself to be indeed golden, it also encapsulates a side that can be seen as baleful, strident and carry more weight than any cry. I have no idea what it would be like to be lonely, isolated and in the presence of silence for such a sustained period that its very presence screamed at me. If I could summon silence as an individual, if I could take loneliness and present it as an image, I wondered what it would resemble, and this is what manifested.

Friday, 31 July 2009

Captain Jack

I have been working on this picture for a few days; I couldn't quite get the tones correct and the eyes were difficult. This is a vector drawn from scratch, based upon promo pics from the movie. Should I find time, I'll eventually put one together that has improved colour intensity and a greater scope of detail.

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Tears from Iniquity

This was a piece fashioned a long time ago. It was borne out of the notion of evil being finite and not at all immeasurable. In this picture, evil took the form of a demon woman. It also negotiated and wrestled with a philosophical question that has rambled around my mind for decades; does pure evil have a soul and if so, what experience could bring that soul to the fore? And should she (evil) realise she had a soul, understood its meaning but for a moment, would she grieve and lament her preceding actions? If she did, should that happen, what would she look like within such a moment of recognition and consciousness?