Tuesday, 4 August 2009

White Noise

This was a speed picture, produced at rapid pace within the quickest possible time whilst encapsulating as much detail as possible. I try to challenge myself by producing images in set time frames and seeing what I can achieve. The premise of this picture was silence. To a certain degree, I have always found the notion of silence, loneliness and isolation intriguing. The infertility of loneliness when coupled with silence houses the potential to be as potent as any noise. Though it has been noted that silence can preserve a man’s integrity and can prove itself to be indeed golden, it also encapsulates a side that can be seen as baleful, strident and carry more weight than any cry. I have no idea what it would be like to be lonely, isolated and in the presence of silence for such a sustained period that its very presence screamed at me. If I could summon silence as an individual, if I could take loneliness and present it as an image, I wondered what it would resemble, and this is what manifested.


  1. i love the raw emotions here... anger, desertion?, darkness overwhelming.

  2. Thank you Shadow; you're absolutely right, all those things were intended to be present, I'm really pleased that they can be seen, thanks.

  3. Parabéns pelo blog e pelo teu trabalho, é muito bom!
    Obrigada por seguir meu blog...


  4. Obrigada por seguir meu blog, sou sua seguidora também, abraço e namastê

  5. This really looks great...in which software did you create it? or has it been painted?

    Shall be folowing your blog :))