Friday, 24 July 2009

The Gaslight Anthem

I remember hearing a friend mention 'The Gaslight Anthem' during a conversation a while back. It came from a conversation I wasn’t really a party to as I was inattentive and lost in thought at the time. Nevertheless, a few weeks later the name drifted through the minutiae of my mind, surfacing only to leave me wondering just why it was I hadn't forgotten them entirely. As they were essentially anonymous to me, I looked them up on grooveshark. With a visceral buzz emanating from the heart of their music, and vigour akin to that of Ash or The Killers, the resulting body of work is nothing but unashamedly great rock tracks. Just why a band that managed to capture such energy and create such brooding undercurrents had managed to pass me by is anyone’s guess, but I’m glad my memory served me right, even if it took a while. You can hear The Gaslight Anthem here:


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