Sunday, 19 April 2009

Spring Clean

Old blogs are about as useful or as sought after as dandelion salad. I bore this in mind when I decided to spin the wheel-of-blog one more time. With much chagrin, I lost all remnants of my old blog over 4 years ago (the hosting server tripped out and my host lost just about everything, I guess they lied when they promised continuous and dedicated backup's, eh?). I have to admit that I should, perhaps, have engaged myself a little more in the whole backup process, but in hindsight, I seem to have been sat on the wrong side of the backup fence. Prior to my host proving they were indeed, gibbering, cheese eating, surrender monkeys, I received a reasonable 700 hits a week. Not bad in hindsight, but it was still a big drop off when placed in comparison to some of the kitsch and innovatively scripted blogs (the darth side, memoirs of a monster - for those that love scripted genius). Any-hoo, I also used it as a forum to post my art. After a massive spring clean of my hard drive, I’ve come across a few old pictures I painted, and some CG pictures I created. I still use Photoshop, though have not painted on canvas for a while now. To be honest, the CG side interests me a whole lot more as it's a completely new way of thinking for me. Over the next few days and weeks, under the banner of desktop madness, I'll be posting some old pictures, created or painted by myself, just for the sheer fun of it all. Toodles....


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